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OVERVIEW of the Sawing Process & Making Your Own Lumber

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this process.

Acquire lumber quality logs.  Get permission to saw them if not on your property.

Contact Sawyer for advice or to plan work.

Define your project.  Desired lumber dimensions and grain patterns.

Logs are cut to length.  Seal ends (Anchorseal).   Trim branches, bumps etc.

Logs are moved to good sawing location.

Mill is set up and logs sawn.  Customer may provide labor to help move logs, scrap and finished boards.

You will have boards, sawdust and a pile of scrap wood to take care of.

Obtain needed materials, stack and sticker wood for air drying.  Further coat board ends if desired.

Air dry.  Old rule 1 year per inch of thickness but often faster.  Ready for exterior uses.

Dry inside, or take to a kiln, for interior uses.