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ESTIMATES.   Free, please phone or email.   I need to know size, quantity, accessibility of logs, type of sawing & your location.   Your photos are very helpful. 

SITE VISIT.  Valuable, but usually not necessary.  Free if close by or if I am near your area and have time, otherwise I need to charge to cover driving time and expense.

CHARGING.  Invoice usually consists of charge for 1) sawing,  2) mileage, 3) blade damage if any (hitting metal), and 4) sales tax, unless a business resale certificate or farm permit (material for new or expanding existing construction) is provided.   I send a sawing agreement in advance which defines these and other terms.  

Sawing rates differ according to type of sawing.
-Bandsawing (Wood-Mizer mill),  hourly rate for time spent on site, less breaks and equipment downtime if any.
-Chain Slabbing (Peterson mill), charge is per square foot for total area sawn by chain.
-Circular milling (Peterson mill), charge is by volume of log, international scale.
A minimum sawing charge usually applies which depends on distance. Please phone or email for current rates.  

2019 mileage rate is still $0.65/mile RT from my location for all miles driven.
Bandsaw blades hitting metal are $22 each or $12 prematurely dulled by dirt.  No charge otherwise for blades.

PAYMENT.  Check or cash
before I leave the work site, unless the sawing is to be continued the next day.  Can you pay cash?  Sure, why not?  Same price as check.  I am not set up to take credit cards.